Happy Saint Patrick's Day

WOW! Hello all you beautiful people. The Ruffians wish we were out there singing, and celebrating with you all today. Instead, we are "socially distancing" ourselves and "sheltering in place." How many of you were banging on the confessional door this past week. I know I was. In these uncertain and frightening times we reflect on the blessings we have, how fortunate we have been, and how quickly that can all be lost. All of our gigs are cancelled this month, our bread and butter for the year, and for the foreseeable future. There are many people who will soon find themselves in very dificult situations financially, musicians being some of them. If you are blessed with a steady paycheck and value music, especially original music that celebrates our Irish heritage, this would be a great time to buy an album. Think of all the money you are saving on Guinness at the pub this month, and head over to our music page and buy an album or two. Already have them all? Buy one for a friend, or your grandma, whatever. Say an extra prayer to Saint Patrick tonight, we are going to need all the help we can get. May God keep you all safe (but for heaven's sake wash your hands!!!) so that we may see you all again soon and raise a glass to our health! Slantie!